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Join us in supporting the health and food of mid Wales. Together we can make a difference for generations to come.

Local Organic Food

We are putting together a list of local organic producers with a view to providing local organic food to the area.

Practitioner Directory

We are putting together a list of practitioners and therapists in the area.

Skills List

We are putting together a list of tradeable skills across the area.

Local Hubs

We are hoping to provide local hubs across the area providing services.

Events In The Area

These events are not necessarily run by MWPFFA and are varied, hopefully you will find something to suit your requirements.

Our Newtown and Rhayader MWPFFA Hub Meetings


Nourishing Networking for Wellbeing Practitioners - Llandrindod

Crystal Wisdom Days

Yoga Lessons - Builth

Ecstatic Dance - Brilley

Welsh Markets and Events

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